Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Second Sunday of Easter – C1

Second Sunday of Easter – C1

Years C
Acts 5:27-32

So often this passage is read as though it were a debate that was going to go to the side with the most passion or power. In light of Holy Humor Sunday it might be best to read verse 29 as, "But Peter and the apostles laughed and responded, ...."

So often experiences of religious differences devolve into bitter separation. I can't help but wonder about the lives of the saints and reformers being portrayed as so diligent that there was no time for laughter. Luther has famously been known to pray the more, the busier his day was to be. Imagine prayer as laughter and what it would mean to laugh the more, the more expectations are being laid on.

If Peter and the disciples were proclaiming good news, they might as well enjoy the telling as well as the results. How about us?

= = = = = = =

good news scowled he
trying to be as serious
as a god should be
as ultimate arbiter

made in the image
of kicker-outer
he portrayed disaster
for all

all that was forgotten
in light of creation's dance
leading to forgiveness
steadfastly held
lovingly held
forever held
for all

choose wisely your god
for your face will follow
with furrowed brow
with laugh lines

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