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Third Sunday of Easter – C2

Third Sunday of Easter – C2

Years C
Psalm 30

The "dancing" that mourning has become is noted to be the same word as "whirl" in 29:9. In Psalm 29 there is a footnote that "causes the oaks to whirl" might also be translated, "causes the deer to calve."

If one is permitted to smash these together we find our mourning whirled into the birth of new life.

Such a new life might even move beyond a G*D that is only "good, restorative, prosperity-giving," to be played off against adversity. Here we find ourselves casting about for an alternative god when things go klunk in the night.

A whirling dervish dance is slower than one might think and brings all the rooms of one's life together on the sill of a door to enlightenment beyond dualistic patterns.

Rejoice, weeping is connected with joy.

= = = = = = =

twilight comes on
doubts begin to arise
was the day as joyful as thought
when we play it again

evening deepens
relationships aren't as bright as thought
shadows bring back old fears
second-guessing sets in

night sets in
doubts become certainties
it was only false joy
our friends fair-weather

midnight rolls around
rolls over and under
a storm-tossed sea

darkest before dawn
is no old-sailor's tale
all warmth is used up
for ever and ever

and dawn so long in coming
creeps maddeningly forward
false dawn after false dawn
tantalizing in each betrayal

morning rises
bringing relief in its train
but so much weariness
joy needs rest

morning settles
tense muscles relax
a smile returns
a hum begins

morning warms
a slow jig starts in a toe
sackcloth comes off
naked joy is still

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