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Fourth Sunday of Easter – C4

Fourth Sunday of Easter – C4

Years C
John 10:22-30

Just before this passage we have Jesus' co-religionists divided because of his words. [Note: in broad terms Greeks focus more on words about God and Hebrews more on God's actions - thus this setting is greatly influenced by the cultural perspective in which the Jews found themselves.]

And so the question of suspense - whose side will Jesus choose?
A zealot return to rebellion?
Proper priestly worship (rededication of the Temple)?
Popular miracle doing?

We want precision in his choice. No weasel words that can make him sound like he's on our side and then we find he parsed his way out. Extreme clarity is our desire. Pin him down. There is only one way. Which fundamental doctrine will he espouse? None of that, "those who have ears" stuff!

Doh! It's not the words we were arguing about that count here. The works done are the testimony - Tabitha/Dorcas/Gazelle got it right several days ago - good works and acts of charity. [Dope slap] Just do it.

Just after this passage folks pick up stone because he didn't choose their side and we have a reprise of the "works" work and Jesus heading off for baptismal territory.

= = = = = = =

tell us plainly
tell us precisely
tell us concisely
just tell us

are you what you say
are you what we see
are you what we hope
just who are you

a who from whoville
a horton hatcher
a sneech of any sort
a zax of any direction
a cat in or out of a hat
a loraxian prophet
a bleeding-heart thidwick
a fascist yertle

just tell us and tell us now

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