Thursday, April 19, 2007

Third Sunday of Easter – C3

Third Sunday of Easter – C3

Years C
Revelation 5:11-14

Last night I saw a production of 1984 and I was reminded of the goal of the Ministry of Love - to so "help" another discard everything they held dear, one's own perception and love of another, that they become empty enough to love only Big Brother. Then the Ministry of Love can fill the emptiness and finally kill a non-martyr, one who desires to be killed before further betraying Big Brother.

I must admit I get a sense of that when I read such passages as this. All honor and glory being given away until we can only cry out, "I love you, Big Brother," or "I love you, Worthy Lamb."

We cry out for filling, for we are nothing. In crying out, our emptiness is filled.

Even if we take such praise as subversive against a power of any age that requires praise be given in its direction, the substitution of blind praise for god is no better than blind praise for nation. Apocalyptic language is not all that different than Newspeak or Doublespeak, it can change direction and symbolism on a moment's notice. Read on its own, without Prophetic pronouncements, it is most dangerous.

We will need to figure out what we love with such forcefulness before sheer glory takes over our "love."

= = = = = = =

one angel is enough for Mary
Jesus had access to ten thousand
now myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands
are arrayed before our eyes

that many angels singing
in unison or four-part harmony
or lovely parts infinite in scope
deafen wisdom and worship

our work is done for us
all that is needed is assent
get on the bandwagon
forever might escape without unanimity

join the angel band
lend your voice
creation's wall will fall
only pure love will be left

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