Sunday, April 15, 2007

Third Sunday of Easter – A

Third Sunday of Easter – A

Years A
Acts 2:1-4a, 36-41
Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19
1 Peter 1:17-23
Luke 24:13-35

"Save yourself from this corrupt generation." So goes the appeal in every troubled time.

The question is not so much an us/them mentality or saved/unsaved designations. Those are constantly changing according to experience and willingness to have same. Rather, how does one be in while not of the world (and it's lesser known counterpart which is just as important - to be of while not in the world)? This question comes from the little word "from" [apo in the Greek] that has two definitions:
1) from - "of separation"
2) in - "of origin"
So it might also read, "Save yourself within your originating generation."

In particular this is a question of intention or direction. Does saving oneself mean oneself alone or does it mean that saving oneself entails the salvation of all?

Repentance and Baptism are very much like a Sabbath. Is the Sabbath made for us or are we made for the Sabbath? Sabbath, Repentance, and Baptism (and other Sacraments) are best considered as stimuli for the reestablishment of community that has fractured. They are mediational tools. They are vehicles for saving a generation.

= = = = = = =

purified truth in angry hands
is dangerous to one and all
such truth becomes organized
for its own sake, not yours

growing truth in hopeful hands
builds genuine mutual love
among differing generations
for their sake, not mine

cooperative truth in faithful hands
grows heart-deep love in our midst
binding our differences with balm
for healing wounds, including yours

birthed anew from perfect to whole
fractures perish in a new light
living enduring inviting feasts
for bountiful living, including mine

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