Friday, March 04, 2011

belovedness got them

Epiphany 9 - "Transfiguration" - Year A

Jesus shines on the mountain
a beacon of belovedness

Peter says its good he’s there
he can see that honor is given this place

he and James and John
could handle Moses and Elijah

what got them was belovedness
it knocked them off their feet

just hearing about belovedness
was more than they could bear

to pick them up again
belovedness touched them

get up - be not afraid.
its time to share more

hold your experience of belovedness
close to your heart - away from your mouth

explaining belovedness dilutes it
just live as though it were real

and so it comes to us
brag? faint? model belovedness?

modeling is the middle way
claim it - live it

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