Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Psalm 99

Epiphany 9 - "Transfiguration" - Year A

Psalm 99

Why worship?
Why praise?
Why extol?

Because justice has been established.
Because forgiveness is an appropriate response for wrongdoing.
Because equity is engaged.

When we look deeply into the world around us,
we see opportunity after opportunity to speak up for what is fair.
When we raise our face to look far ahead,
there is opportunity after opportunity to speak up for neighbors and strangers.
When we simply reflect on our current experience,
our deeply fatigued compassion finds opportunity after opportunity to be re-energized.

Living in Wisconsin and
having visited Madison twice and
been engaged at the local level regarding
the governor giving away the state
(more tax breaks for the richest,
fewer services for the poorest,
and a smaller buffer between the two)
raises many questions of fairness,
of who is neighbor, and
what is short and long-term compassion.

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