Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Psalm 95

Lent 3 - Year A

Psalm 95

Good ol’ G*D wants to be proved once for all. Don’t test G*D or you’ll get it in the neck or somewhere. One test in the desert will keep you out of a land of milk and honey. See, don’t test G*D. And we want to yell, “I’ll stop testing you when you stop testing me!”

Or, more moderately, we might say, “Relationships are always being tested for how else could there be growth of each part and the whole.” We wonder why the mood swings of G*D. Is there not enough lithium in usable form for G*D? How much can we keep new creations from crossing our mind and being followed even should we be threatened with destruction? There is something about our being in the image of G*D that keeps us pushing the boundaries. Or perhaps it is just the kid in us learning as we go.

Mystery I can abide. Rules without reason are not helpful. Rules that run contrary to experience are hurtful. A rule of not testing G*D is unconscionable, it is not part of our original job description. How else would one know if G*D has grown past a past response? How else do we find what image is our image?

Blessings upon your testings (both those your receive and those you make).

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