Monday, March 14, 2011

John 3:1-17

Lent 2 - Year A

John 3:1-17

While glad to see the pericope widened past a John 3:16 be-wigged sign carrier at sporting events, it would be interesting to continue seeing it go to the end of this particular story - all the way to verse 21.

We then get a fuller picture of the give and take of the conversation with Nicodemus that has been condensed to one voice. Try on this dialogue of J(esus) and N(icodemus) and a fulcrum point of choice in verse 15:

10 - J - You don’t get it?
11 - N - You don’t receive tradition’s witness.
12 - J - If you don’t accept experience, you won’t accept “heaven”.
13 - N - You are not a prophet ascended to heaven.
14 - J - I anticipate healing and wholeness to come.
15 -     Those who see signs of tomorrow, see me.
16 - N - God loved us enough to Covenant with us.
17 - J - Not to condemn, but to make whole.
18 - N - It is what it is. Covenanted, good; uncovenanted, evil.
19 - J - Privileged perspective is not light.
20 - N - You will be exposed and exiled.
21 - J - It is what it is. Light is light, exiled or not.

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