Thursday, March 24, 2011

Romans 5:1-11

Lent 3 - Year A

Romans 5:1-11

Any other ways to have “peace with God” than through Christian “justification by faith”? There are, of course, many who would affirm other journeys.

Since this is our journey we note that “sharing the glory of G*D” is Paul’s description of an end game with which we are involved. Such can happen right here, right now. We can love G*D with all that we have, from suffering to loving hearts.

Some might want to focus on the details of justification and expressions of faith. In the light of reconciliation and revelation of the Image of G*D within even ourselves, a works righteousness of Jesus’ death fades as quickly as attempts at works righteousness by ourselves.

Keep your eye on your hope and reality of sharing glory with One Another, your Neighbor (and any you can’t yet abide as Neighbor) and G*D. Justification will take care of itself.

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