Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exodus 17:1-7

Lent 3 - Year A

Exodus 17:1-7

For a G*D famous for showing his backside, here G*D volunteers to play Whack-A-G*D. Imagine a very thirsty people, including leader Moses who has water running in his veins as a sign of deliverance from his time upon the water as a babe and a striking of a Reed Sea. A really thirsty people.

This previously reticent to be seen G*D stands on a rock and invites Moses, in full view of the elders, to whack away. I do wonder whether one of Moses’ whacks caught G*D’s metaphoric toe. At any rate, we hear the question, “Is G*D among us?”. In this case the scope of the question is much narrower, “Is water among us?”. The question continues on among folks who have had other oppressions and ask the same question, “Is G*D among us?” - “Is restoration to community among us?” - “Is equality among us?” - “Is health care among us?” - Is a job among us?” - Is . . . among us?”

May you find water flowing through your life and moving you from thirsty quarrelsomeness to fulfillment.

Said another way, may the thirst of others not happen to you and may your thirst not happen to them.

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