Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Psalm 32

Lent 1 - Year A

Psalm 32

There are times when we need to face our transgression(s). Those are difficult moments. We wonder how we ever fell prey to such behavior.

One response is that we did not confess our temptation(s). Had we done so, a transgression may never have followed. Nothing is certain here and this is not a programmatic fix for transgression, but it does have its place.

To be able to have some temptation language available to us might aid us in better dealing with the temptation before the transgression. This week might be a time of reflecting on the temptations facing those in power, those out of power, those who are victims of power. We might go on to circling that down to ourselves and others as we deal with similar temptations to make things into all-or-nothings. When temptations are clear we can better see the gradations therein and our scheming to find a short-cut out of the temptation without really dealing with it. Having seen we will have a better choice.

Steadfast love clears our tempted eye. Blessings to you as you straighten up your crooked places, your temptation places.

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