Thursday, May 10, 2012

Acts 10:44-48

Easter 6 - Year B

Gifts bear the most fruit when done in community. “While Peter was still speaking”.... the uncircumcised, the alien, the outcast, the pagan, the unclean, the unacceptable are revealed as human as any circumcised, native, in-group, pious, clean and worthy of my peers. They, too, are open to and active in thanksgiving.

And then a testing question to those in control, with privilege, will we withhold “inherent worth” from those we had labeled as beyond grace by virtue of their community or choice? If we will, for how long? If we won’t, why not now?

This same testing question comes again and again as we peel back the layers of our prejudice to reveal the next person or group that sets our teeth just a little bit on edge or raises the hair on the back of our neck just a tad.

I am less impressed with Peter’s preaching than I am with his application of grace beyond authorized lines. We have so many fine preachers who can get a crowd riled up, even speaking in tongues, but who can’t make the practical application of the universal nature of G*D’s generosity beyond our limits.

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