Monday, May 28, 2012

John 3:1-17

Pentecost +1 - Year B

Loyal Oppositionist, Nicodemus, visits in the night. A conversation ensues.

“We know you teach a way of G*D.”

“In the midst of all the miracles going on, claimed and unclaimed, this is indeed high praise. Y’all must have had a ‘new-birth’ experience to discern this.”

“Did not!”

“Then your praise was false.”


“Don’t you know how you give yourself away? How then can you receive a new teaching?”


“Lord love a duck -- and also you and yours. Remember life is not a zero sum game. Differences are not a reason for condemnation. The goal is health, internals bound to externals. Think about it. We’ll meet again.”

- - -

Of course this is all told in self-referential Johannine-speak. If you were to listen to the wind blowing where it will, you might have heard this shorter version. Is it less inspiring?

If you listened carefully, you might also have heard a non-conditional statement of verses 16 and 17, “G*D loves the world. All are beloved and are to work together to make the world healthy.”

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