Tuesday, May 15, 2012

John 17:6-19

Easter 7 - Year B

To connect with G*D is to run the risk of privilege. We can circularly assert that those who hear our version of G*D already belonged to G*D as G*D’s slaves and those who are already G*D’s property are the ones who respond.

It is not a far jump to then argue that everything is being done for these special ones and they have an inside track, a protected path, a guarded life, a safe journey and end.

By the time we get to sanctification, holiness of living, it becomes a question of belief, of truth, of doctrine, not a maturation of spirit or a wholeness of vision connected with behavior.

Why would we not pray for those not part of my group? Why would we take responsibility away from believers and put it all on Jesus?

Are we protected for ourselves alone or are we protected in order to be able to risk on behalf of self and others? Are you a Christian for the perk of some imagined salvation or to engage the world and reveal it as beloved creation?

This passage is a most troublesome construct that gets us in more trouble than it resolves.

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