Sunday, May 27, 2012

never forget

Pentecost - Year B

a spirit of truth

current disconnect

broken isolation

return to community

and so we progress
through wind and fire

to experience 
a lack of sin

in the face of 
intentional dialogue

a resurrected revelation
“life is good”

an abundance of thanks
keep us focused

pointing connection
with a better future

still hidden
yet underway

discrimination put down
discernment enjoined

even so never forget
there’s more to bear

beyond correcting wrong
is building aright

while fearfully caught
a door is unlocked

voices are raised
ears are engaged

deeds are shown
lives are connected

even so never forget
there’s more to bear

our beloved clay
so us so now

holds many shapes
unto a new day

through an astonished past
and bewildered present

hand in hand
we sculpt next steps

into a mysterous mountain
and a deep blue sea

to listen together
to what will be

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