Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Psalm 29

Pentecost +1 - Year B

In a manic phase the focus of power can be quite varied. Whatever the obsession and compulsion there is a sense of connection with root causes. Whatever becomes triggered is closely allied with “the Lord” or G*D or some other elemental force.

This gives “strength” for the endeavor at hand.

This also gives rise to the very difficulty of addressing any pathological orientation of a mania. It can give either the insight of saintly moment or the universalizing of a minute point. It leads to both universalism and fundamentalism.

Hooray for jumping off the deep end to change a paradigm and hooray for an equilibration of neural and experiential networks that keeps one coming back to some more solid solidity.

In the midst of our lack of control, may we also find a final word to balance the strength of a mania — “peace”. Blessings to you of a strong peace.

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