Thursday, May 31, 2012

Romans 8:12-25

Pentecost +1 - Year B

So, sisters and brothers, we are not called to live according to our past, for this is a way to irrelevance and death. But, if you forgive the deeds of the past, you will live. For all who are led by G*D’s mercy are freed. In this freedom you are to release your slavery to the past. Adopt the future!

To make this shift is to participate in a creative force that is willing to move through difficulty, suffering even, for a larger purpose. It is this revelation of something better that moves us beyond all-things-being-equal and on to living for ourselves and the next generations.

We waited long for this revelation that we have a part in tomorrow. We were caught in the futility of coming to a better place by using the same old processes. Hope has been reborn for us and we are willing to risk what we have for what we anticipate is arriving.

It was not just ourselves that was groaning, awaiting a birthing of a new way of relating to our past and to one another. All of yesterday and today have been moving toward tomorrow. Now, together, we are able to each be beloved for the gift we are — the gift of who we have been and all it has taught us; the gift of who we are and of our deep questions; and the gift of yearning for more.

This hope organizes our health. It is not yet seen, but already is at work changing patterns and engaging us in the patience necessary to act boldly without relying on immediate results. We are making adjustments in life-long habits simply because our health depends on it.

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