Thursday, May 24, 2012

Psalm 104:24-34, 35b

Ordinarily the following response would have been a comment under yesterday's blog. I so enjoyed (if that is the right term) it that I wanted to be sure it had the formatting available here and not in the comment section. Thanks, Tom!

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Are “sinners” and the “wicked” part of the manifold works? Where then lies their being excluded and if they are excluded, who will protest when it is our turn? What feels good from a privileged position now cannot be guaranteed.
No wonder someone feels like they must continually sing praise. Might a bit of a lapse bring being lumped with those sinners we cared not a whit for? This is dangerous territory when we stop to consider some imaginary gap between creation and sin and whether praise can bridge it.

Continually singing praise to keep something you don't want from happening is kinda like a filibuster (or OCD), but hey, after all, it's not the singing praise all day that gets to me, it's the incessant asking me to chip in $5 or $10. (I will admit that the other day I found myself humming "row, row, row your boat" instead of "onward christian soldiers" but then I immediately thought of River Jordan and figured I was safe.)

Ever since that "Cherubim United" decision, G*DPAC has been asking daily for my money to help counter the massive wicked-anonymous-donor million$ that have been funding those divisive attack ads against praise-singing bridgers. The Children of Light appear to be grossly out-spent by the Children of Wickedness and Sin. We've lapsed. We've been lumped with the uncared-for not-a-whits, commodified, dis-informed, bought and sold and discarded until the next election cycle. We must fight back! Let the wicked be consumed! And if you are one of the wicked, send in your money to us before you get consumed and your name will be put in a redemption lottery (more $$$ means more chances!).

Praise alone can no longer bridge the imaginary gap between creation and sin.
Your generous contribution will!
Which side are you on!
Skip the praise! Today it takes money - lots of money - to bridge that imaginary gap. Please chip in $5 or $10 today! 
And don't worry, we'll ask you again tomorrow!
We're re-defining the word "pray" (as in "unceasing") to include monetary expressions of praise and thanksgiving!
How manifold are YOUR works?????? (For your convenience we have pre-filled the contribution form.)

[x]  Yes! Accept my generous non-deductable donation of [ ]$50  [ ]$100  [x]$500 [ ]other today!
[x]  Yes! I want to be sure to keep my place on the right side of things. 
      Make my contribution recurring
          __  daily
          __  weekly
          __  monthly
          x   all of the above
[x]  Yes! for only $15 more, please send me an endless-loop praise cd of "onward righteous rowboats" which I can keep running 24/7.
[x]  Yes! I want to join the Occupy G*D movement ahead of time: I agree to be pre-occupied.
[x]  Yes!

By the way, anyone interested in doing a grassrooots recall of G*D? I'm not sure how many signatures we need on the petition but this is not the Creation I know and love, not the Creation I signed up for. All those outsider sinning wickeds... and whose bright idea was flesh-eating bacteria? I mean, talk about imaginary gap - creation might as well BE sin.

For now imagine the wind blowing ships hither and yon. Imagine them tacking into and running with the wind. When wind interacts with life, there are all these little decisions to make. Blessings on your hearing a new wind blow and responding well no matter from whence it arises.

And why, why, WHY is the answer always blowin' in the wind? it's just not right. I'm figuring a recall will be easier than impeachment, but hey, what do you all think?


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