Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Acts 1:6-14

Year A - 7th Sunday of Easter or Assured 7
June 1, 2014

Here we reprise the Ascension scene once more and see how there is an outcome labeled “prayer”.

It is clear that prayer with the lips following the promptings of the head doesn’t do much beyond manufacture a few endorphins. More and more head-prayer is needed to make the same amount which is why prayer can be an addiction.

It is likewise clear that prayer with the hands following the promptings of the heart does engage the realities of people’s lives and eventuate in the turning needed to repent and forgive and bless (related, but not parallel terms).

The prayer here led to naming a new disciple (and still a needed act) and being open to respond to a Spirit that would lead them into people’s lives, even those lives that didn’t speak from the same experience base.

A prayer form that focuses on itself or gets wrapped up in praise, is not able to transform the world. It will only receive the feedback needed to keep doing what it is doing. Prayer that transforms does so in light of what is currently happening, not recapitulating what used to happen.

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