Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Acts 7:55-60

Year A - 5th Sunday of Easter or Assured 5
May 18, 2014

Stephen, “Look, tomorrow dawns!”

Church and Culture, “We won’t hear of it!”

And so Cain again slays Abel.

Go back to that story in Genesis 4.

Abel’s last words (not recorded but present and echoing anyway) are repeated by Jesus and Stephen. And so Cain is treated mercifully; no death penalty for murder. And so Saul is treated mercifully; conversion for a guilty bystander.

In question is whether we will carry on this tradition of being larger than privileged revenge.

Hold not sin; it burns the hand as well as the soul.

Hold not sin; this absence marks the hand as well as the soul. Hands are restrained and souls enlarged.

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