Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Acts 2:42-47

Year A - 4th Sunday of Easter or Assured 4
May 11, 2014

We come and go, learn and enact, commune and pray.

These simple acts of devotion (following through on a promise; living out a vow) lead to acts larger than expected.

Such as these lead to a new community based on the abundance available when each shares according to their resources (gifts). This new community can be contrasted with our old way of doing things on the basis of our greeds to avoid needing. Glad and generous living does have a karmic payoff in the present ground, not in some distant sky.

As these simple acts are learned and enacted, they continue a transformation begun eons ago to bring creation out of chaos and all the stored fruitfulness contained therein. To commune in homes is to then open the doors of the home (even to thieves) and model “Goodwill to all, and to all a new day.”

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