Thursday, May 22, 2014

Psalm 66:8-20

Year A - 6th Sunday of Easter or Assured 6
May 25, 2014

We adore G*D for having a plan. This makes it very easy for us to claim any bump in the night as our responsibility and every plum that comes our way in the day to be of G*D, through no virtue of ourselves.

We seem to know G*D better than G*D knows G*D. We claim that G*D is both in charge of everything and limited by our iniquity. G*D knows all and yet waits for the words of my prayer before acting (oh, yeah, forgot, the out here is that G*D’s plan included my asking at just the right time when G*D was going to shift gears and move from curse to blessing).

Somehow or other this psalm about G*D turns out to be all about us. Awesome G*D. Awesome me.

Where did the surprise of Easter go? The technique described here removes all doubt and surprise. Just bless G*D. That’s it, just bless G*D. No relationship or partnership with G*D or Neighb*r, just bless G*D.

Someday we may yet be surprised that we are blessed even while iniquitous. 

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