Monday, May 12, 2014

John 14:1-14

Year A - 5th Sunday of Easter or Assured 5
May 18, 2014

Formulations aside, we might distill this passage into the following outline:

1) Troubled? Locate your arena of trust.

2) A future is open beyond our current understanding. You are engaged with that future as well as with your past and present. If you can trust your past really is your past, you can trust your future even as it incrementally becomes part of your past.

3) The way into this future is through a way of anticipation and/or experience. Jesus way is both anticipatory and experiential, “My way of engaging the present, incarnating the future today, is a universal way advocated long before me." This way, truth, and life are fancy ways of talking about the mundane processes known to all prophets and cannot be reduced to the particulars of one technical way, revelational truth, or eternal life.

4) We are forever speaking more wisdom than we know and acting more effectively than we expect. Attending to this by listening in and observing the effect of our presence gives evidence that we are already in the presence of whatever form of G*D that holds meaning for us.

[Note: the last two verses (13-14) need so much conditionality that they do more harm than they are worth. It is best to leave it with verse 12 — Trust tomorrow enough to do what needs doing today. In so doing we will follow forward in a long train of generations that emulate Mama Today bearing much fruit with Father Tomorrow.]

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