Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Acts 17:22-31

Year A - 6th Sunday of Easter or Assured 6
May 25, 2014

To not be orphaned, but adopted is one gift. To have clarity about who your ancestors are, is another.

There are many orphans who have a drive to find out who their parents are and who their lineage includes. Some are able to find out and some are not. And, of course, there are some for whom the tracing of their physical heritage is a non-issue.

Here Paul is saying, you have been orphaned without even knowing it and you do have a semi-conscious drive to find out about it. Elseway have an altar to an Unknown?

Paul offers to shorten the quest for knowing the unknown by naming a G*D in whose image we have been created to be creators.

All is well up to verse 29 when Paul forces attendance to a great rollout of a new brand. The force comes through a required repentance for not having been able to previously know the unknown. The sales clincher is supposed to be a man raised from the dead by this G*D.

Of interest is what the difference is between gold, silver, stone, resurrection as an idol or as a thin place that reveals our sense of loss has been turned to being found. Yes, there is an awkward shift between our sense of lostness and our experience of being found. Messing around in this awkwardness promises an avenue to new insight about ourselves and others.

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