Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16

Year A - 5th Sunday of Easter or Assured 5
May 18, 2014

Where I do not get where the consequences raining down on me have come from, bring clarity.

Wherein I am reaping the results of my own privilege, remind me about steadfast love.

Wherein I am caught in other events, may G*D and I apply that steadfast love until it overflows those so empty of it that they bring hurt elsewhere.

The refuge looked for is a mobile one. Instead of a rock anchoring us away from a storm, may we image a worry stone comforting us enough to again sense the steadfast love that we have lost sight of in the particulars of our desires.

There is no net laid for us beyond the web of steadfast love. To see a malevolent web is to recognize we have taken our eye off a larger arc of the universe. This is not a time of complaint and looking for self-protection, but a re-engagement with what we hope and trust beyond any evidence to the contrary.

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