Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Genesis 22:1-14

Year A - Pentecost +3 or Community Practice 3
June 29, 2014

For PETAites, the sacrifice of a ram is not any more desirable than the sacrifice of a human. When a creator demands the sacrifice of a portion of the creation, there are questions to be raised about what is going on. Who has lost faith with whom?

When is a test regarding human relationships ethical. This is not to say it doesn’t regularly go on, but when pausing to think about it how much pain are we willing to expose another to while we are at a distance? Is a false shock to an actor any more or less questionable than a real shock to an innocent? What does it do to both? Well, true, that can’t be measured because we are able to shift what an event means to us. We may even be able to shift our perceptions pharmaceutically with some new PTS medications.

Is this about compartmentalism? Abraham puts G*D in one box that trumps all others? Might it be about breaking compartmentalism? Abraham is willing to concede his initial plan and substitute? Is this the great learning of Abraham as after this we hear of Sarah’s death, Isaac’s marriage, and Abraham’s death?

The Abraham story eventually boils down to learning to not be rigid, even rigid in waiting. It begins with leaving a physical home and ends with leaving a spiritual home that a next generation might have its journey. What remains is the Well of Lahai-roi (25:11). Let us all gather around such a well as we are brought together, separate, rejoin, and are sustained into a next stage of life, a next generation.

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