Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Psalm 13

Year A - Pentecost +3 or Community Practice 3
June 29, 2014

Are you feeling forgotten? Your cause delayed and betrayed? Your source of authority dismissed? Your social capital steadily reduced and ignored?

Well? One day more?

Enough of those and it is too much. We’ll be dead before seeing satisfaction (as though that were the most valuable of all results).

Shaken to our core we have lost our joy. What we thought was steadfast, isn’t anymore. Perimeters fail before our centers cease to hold.

This is all so real, so everyday. All that is left is that wonderfully contrarian view of hope when hope has been lost. Who knew it was still present? Well, not us, that’s for sure.

And, then, a spark is all it takes to set us aflame yet one more time. May we be that spark for one another for the journey is long and we each have our time of dark where others hold a light for us and we later return the favor.

Priest or Prophet or Poor, all are in need of a cup of water, a spark of hope, a beautiful moment. Pick your gift and apply it wherever possible as we sing together as morning stars still do.

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