Thursday, June 26, 2014

Romans 6:12-23

Year A - Pentecost +3 or Community Practice 3
June 29, 2014

Sin — Righteousness
Death — Eternal Life

And for those of us who continually find ourselves between stops, backsliding from one and frontsliding from the other?

A significant problem I’ve not been able to get around is how to know beforehand the results of an action. There are so many surprises that have come along. Wonderful plans have large and small blowbacks. Intentional meanness clarifies needed changes.

That which is deemed morally righteous in one generation turns 180 degrees and can no longer be abided. Consider a new resource: Bisexuality: Making Visible the Invisible in Faith Communities.

As we move from one new learning to a next (sometimes going back and sometimes further) it is tempting to move from one codification to a next (shifting G*D’s if you will) rather than to learn how to live on the move.

It may be that the wages of surety are death and those of graceful learning are life (eternal or not). Prophets or Priest are the most dangerous to themselves and others when they are too cocky about projecting the present into the future. 

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