Saturday, June 21, 2014

Matthew 10:40-42

Year A - Pentecost +3 or Community Practice 3
June 29, 2014
Matthew 10:40-42

We are in life together. We hold more than six degrees of connection within us. Whoever welcomes you, welcomes me and those I know and those who know them. Basically, we don't welcome one other without welcoming all others. We can talk all we want about all-being-all, but if it is not lived out in the welcome of particular people we have not been welcoming and so are not welcome in parts of the cosmos.

As we are still working out of Pentecost, welcome is wider than our temporary divisions of culture, language, or wedge-issue. Without getting into a reward/punishment mode of interacting, imagine the phrase, "None will lose". What might this mean for your level of courage to engage. Might that have been a phrase that blew through a locked room whispering in each ear. No wonder they arose and went into the streets. They were so poor they had nothing to lose. They had already lost all they had, except for their fear. Now with this vision, the fear could be set aside and, lo and behold, they were again a part of everything.

Even a day in Carolina couldn't be finer than this—"None will lose". Remember. Proclaim. Remember again.

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