Monday, June 30, 2014

Matthew 11:16-30

Year A - Pentecost +4 or Community Practice 4
July 6, 2014

To what shall we compare our usual systems and structures? A narcissist? Processes that want what they want and that right now.

How shall we talk about a longer-term way; wide where wideness helps and narrow where such assists our way together. A yoke is the image used here.

A yoke can be like that of oxen. Stick your neck here and be yoked to Jesus. What Jesus would do, you will do. Gee. Haw.

A better image of a yoke is that which can be placed across your shoulders to assist you to balance and carry more than you thought you could; more than arms alone could support for any distance. 

Here life is a bit more exciting. Depending on the load and the destination things will be spread out or brought in. Though ancient in design it is modernly ergonomic. A single weight can be distributed. The weight of a whole spiritual life can be divided into acts of piety with G*D on one side and acts of mercy with Neighb*r on the other. Together, balance.

Having difficulty balancing your life? Here, take my yoke. No, no joke. I can make another. Make it your own—use it according to your load, not mine. See, the ease of work. Let there be ... —now where does that fit and what will have to change because of this new word become present?

Got a heavy burden? Who doesn’t? Remember the yoke. It is not a cross to bear; it is a community that carries one another, weeping as well as laughing. It is with this yoke that all is brought in, even the heaviest of burdens such as Tyre and Sidon (well, beside you and me). Carry and be carried—a wonderfully recursive fractal (well, not really as I don’t know what I’m talking about here, but it sounded good). Perhaps someone can give a better mathematical model for a meaning schema. Put that on your yoke and carry it!

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