Monday, June 16, 2014

Matthew 10:24-39

Year A - Pentecost +2 or Community Practice 2
June 22, 2014

You have heard it said that a disciple is not above their teacher, nor a slave above their owner.

But I say to you: disciple and teacher, slave and owner, are both within each.

Don’t fear those who set one above and one below. Fear, rather, that which separates one from the other as though they were so foreordained.

I simply say, we are connected, you and me. I have come to keep our tensions honest that we might better share with one another. Sons are not fathers, nor mothers, daughters. Even when roles are reversed for one reason or another, they are not equivalents. All are free to choose, whether appreciated for their choice or not.

Whoever does not pick up a connecting point between all things and yet distinguish them, is not yet alive. Regardless of a history more and more limited to death, a cross is but a crude mechanism of both connection and distinguishment.

In this intersecting process of keeping connections and identity related to one another, find the humility to be merciful and so live deeper connections and connexions (Pentecostal witness).

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