Thursday, June 19, 2014

Romans 6:1b-11

Year A - Pentecost +2 or Community Practice 2
June 22, 2014

The value of the cross is not that Jesus died on one in order to save you or anyone, but that it might indicate for us the investment in life we are called to, baptized into—a fullness of life that does not swerve for fear of death. The image of a cross here is not limited to Jesus, but beckons each of us to face death, decide it doesn’t make all that much difference, and proceed to make a larger difference than first imagined.

In this way the cross is not some token of atonement, but a sign of grace.

It is always a little iffy to try to follow Paul’s legal mind too closely. He goes around enough barns to confuse us into a smaller than larger picture of life. Suffice it to say here that grace does abound, regardless of any sin measurement. Asking about this or that kind of sin is simply beside the point. Asking about bounding grace leaping through the various gates of life will be quite sufficient for a vocation or hobby.

I’m not sure where this line came from, but it is worth passing on:
From the church of perpetual astonishment...we shall not cease to be amused. 

Use it in good health.

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