Monday, May 14, 2007

Ascension of Jesus Christ – A, B, C - 2

Ascension of Jesus Christ – A, B, C - 2

Years A, B, C
Psalm 47

Note from The New Interpreter's Study Bible: "God has gone up led Christians to associate the psalm with the ascension of Jesus to heaven; with the sounds of a trumpet led Jews to associate the psalm with Rosh ha-Shanah, New Year's Day."

Ahh, how a perspective one brings along determines what one sees and hears and experiences.

So, is this the best of the Psalms to associate with Jesus' ascension? Probably not, given the overlay of subjugation that is present. It simply adds into to our propensity to turn the ascension metaphor or experience into unredeemable judgment. Somehow we keep turning G*D's little artistic touches into additional excuses to subdivide people, losing many along the way.

Ascension is in some way a confirmation of our orphan-hood, we are no longer simply disciples being filled, but a next generation of folks attending to and pointing toward G*D's presence. Time to get on with it without trying to get everything to fit into a nice, neat package. Time to risk what it might mean to take another step in perfecting love.

= = = = = = =

everywhere we go
people want to know
who we are
so we tell them
we are trumpeters
we are shouters
we are journeying

they scratch their heads
and still want to know
what in the world
we are trumpeting
shouting and where
we are going

and we jump up and down
and trumpet our shouts
the louder
repeating and

our shouting
their scratching
our jumping

shifting strategies
everywhere we now go
we whisper along the way

what's that - they now say
and we pause to talk

finally joy

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