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Fifth Sunday of Easter – C3

Fifth Sunday of Easter – C3

Years C
Revelation 21:1-6

Connecting this revelationary passage with the Acts passage recounting Peter's conversion to inclusion, we might extend the language of "unclean" to mere "mortals." The Revelationary exclaims, "G*D is among mortals." G*D is among the unclean - already, before we knew it.

It is exactly here in the midst of evolutionary-choiced creation and discriminated-against creatures that we hear about all things being made new. Pray tell, where else besides the indeterminate and the outcast might newness have an opportunity to break in. For those who have control, everything is just fine the way it is, thank you. For those who are the measuring rod for everything else, there is no standard beyond the present.

So we can't just go from Mayflower descendants and think Alpha dogs have the market cornered on prestige. The latest immigrant (legal or not is completely beside the point here) and some later Omega point also need consideration. When we find ourselves between beginnings and ends we are open to newness, to a spring of the water of life still bubbling up within and without us.

= = = = = = =

a first April and the last one
have passed away
their showers are no more

now another holy month
May arrives flowering
toward some new end

earth adorned with beauty
mortals putting on immortality
G*D's dwelling place

the showers of April
drunk deep within
birthing pains

and now a newness
flows into the breast
completing promises

Alpha and Omega
April and May
weave a new paradise

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