Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Seventh Sunday of Easter – C1

Seventh Sunday of Easter – C1

Years C
Acts 16:16-34

Ahh, the unintended consequence. It rises up on a regular enough basis. You can practically guarantee, however, that it will show up fairly quickly when acting out of annoyance, fear, or spite.

Ahh, the unexpected opportunity. It, too, rises up on a regular enough basis. However, we can't count on it in a pinch. Sometimes, as here, we refuse the opening offered and an even larger opening comes along. Sometimes we don't catch on quickly enough to our opportunity or refuse it in hope of a larger opening coming along behind, only to find it quickly gone.

As you go through the day, pause in your annoyance and anticipate a further consequence; listen in the presence of your opportunity for the necessity of a quick or slow response.

= = = = = = =

here we go again
old mr doing what he doesn't want
using religious power
to no particular good end

what an old old story this is
including an even older story
of a second chance
not to chase but import spirit

moving from causing wounds
to washing wounds
we recapitulate our faith journey
again and again

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