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Fifth Sunday of Easter – C2

Fifth Sunday of Easter – C2

Years C
Psalm 148

Praise G*D! What is created is created. This is a reason for praise - creation has happened. The response of the created to be as they were created, is high praise.

A second stage of praise goes beyond being as we have been created. A "horn" (figuratively, first chair of the trumpet section) has been raised to move into what it means to be created in G*D's image. Here we have a foretaste, a prefiguring, of themes yet to come.

Praise G*D! What is created is not all that is created. This is a reason for praise - creation is happening and will yet happen. As is repeated several times in the recent movie, Meet the Robinson's, "Keep Moving Forward."

= = = = = = =

Today, instead of using your eyes on word phrases, listen to the following soundclip of "Breathing Earth". Listen until you hear more than you hear. You may have to slow down your hearing, as this clip has been speeded up, to have your thinking slowed down. But down there, deep down there, when you can hear praise, you will have a new definition of that wondrous word that goes beyond our ability to define it.

Breathing Earth (02:02 / 1.9MB)

In this clip, we hear a swarm of Indonesian earthquakes as recorded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (left channel) and Tennant Creek, Australia (right). Many of these quakes are large enough to set the planet "ringing" in its natural modes of vibration. One the most fundamental of these modes is the so-called "breathing" mode (oSo), in which the entire planet expands and contracts rhythmically once about every 20 minutes. I've accelerated this recording to bring this "breathing" mode in synch with the average human respiration rate (once every 5 seconds). As you listen, know that your breath rises and falls along with the rising and falling of the Earth itself.

Time-acceleration = x245 (1 second = ~4 minutes Earth time; this 2-minute recording captures about 8 hours of real Earth time).

You can hear more sounds of earth at

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