Friday, May 11, 2007

Sixth Sunday of Easter – C4

Sixth Sunday of Easter – C4

Years C
John 14:23-29 or John 5:1-9

The Holy Spirit is to teach us beyond what we know. A part of that presumes being an invalid - blind, lame, paralyzed in our knowing.

We keep waiting for insight and thinking it need come from the outside, that there should be authorization for standing up with a vision. So we wait for credentials that never seem to come and get weaker and weaker. Someone else is the lucky one to break new ground, to get the part we wanted. We're just not lucky enough to catch opportunity's time and place.

As a result we are not at peace. Our hearts are troubled and we are afraid the assurance we need will never be granted. Our anxiety at not being specifically chosen gets in our way of taking any part at all.

One of the invalids in our still patriarchial culture are mothers. You may want to check out "Motherhood Manifesto" CD and PBS program. Mothers are hearing the healing word to pick up their lives and walk on without getting their healing certified. [To see this portrayed, try Bev Betters and rise up.]

= = = = = = =

M is for maturing past past limits
O is for opening options beyond heritage
T is for teaching truth from experience
H is for healing hopes from the inside out
E is for exciting escape to a preferred future
R is for radical reform needed now and always

papa Institution counsels a mother of all wars
mama Jesus leaves us with the mother of all peace

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