Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Trinity" Sunday – C2

"Trinity" Sunday – C2

Years C
Psalm 8

The first seven Psalms are prayers for help. Symbolically that would be all the prayers for help that would ever need to be prayed. Then comes Psalm 8, a hymn.

It seems appropriate to have this be a hymn, for, after praying prayers for help, we do finally have to give that over and simply sing for yet being alive. We begin to catch a glimpse of how our prayers for help might be settled without divine intervention.

First, to recognize the gift of creation - vast and venerable. There is a soft, far-off hymn of creation and new creation going on independent of ourselves. How, then, can we keep from singing?

Second, to claim an important spot in relationship to gods and angels. We have authority to make a difference in the situations we find ourselves.

Third, to know such importance does not mean domination. Our dominion, care, is not exploitative of creation nor over one another.

When these three become clear, we sing our little hearts out.

= = = = = = =

a name is not a name is not a name
it is very significant
signifying both potential and completion
it is very magnificent
magnifying this moment and opportunity

what creation has been
what creation yet is becoming
these call back and forth
each responding to a line in play
a veritable variation upon variation

rising from the ground
we care for the ground
tilling it with sweat
that it might become
sweet soil for all

rising from the ground
never loses touch with the ground
lest our groundless anger
be lethally grounded
in another's sweet song

[Note: Try a goldbergian variation. To try some more go to and try those that end in ".mid".]

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