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Pentecost – C4

Pentecost – C4

Years C
John 14:8-17, (25-27)

In prayer and in fear we ask for assurance. Just show us G*D and we'll be satisfied! Of course we would like to do Moses one better and see more than G*D's hindquarters. How about a glimpse of G*D's hand, that would satisfy us for a while. Then, perhaps, a glimpse of a strong right arm....

We ask the same things of Peace, Justice, and some Patriotic Way. Just show us -- for our dualistic thoughts keep compartmentalizing life in such a way we are blinded to what is already present. To see G*D in another is not a lesser seeing than face-to-face beyond dim mirrors.

Pentecost stories continue in a transformation of fear and separation into honor expanded to all and satisfaction in who we are. In this presentness we move forward into ways and works deemed impossible just a bit ago.

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A Satisfied Mind
Nortons - 3 minutes
A Satisfied Mind
Ben Harper & Blind Boys of Alabama - 9 minutes

Written by J. H. "Red" Hayes & Jack Rhodes

How many times have you heard someone say,
"If I had his money, I could do things my way."
But little they know that it's so hard to find
One rich man in Ten with a satisfied mind.

Once I was winning in fortune and fame;
Everything that I dreamed of to get a start in life's game.
But suddenly it happened, I lost every dime,
But I'm richer by far with a satisfied mind.

Money can't buy back your youth when you're old
Or a friend when you're lonesome or a love that's grown cold;
The wealthiest person is a pauper at times
Compared to the man with a satisfied mind.

When life is over, my time has run out,
My friends and my loved ones I'll leave, there's no doubt.
But one thing for certain, when it comes my time,
I'll leave this old world with a satisfied mind.

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