Friday, May 18, 2007

Seventh Sunday of Easter – C4

Seventh Sunday of Easter – C4

Years C
John 17:20-26

To finish a season of resurrection we hear that Jesus, Resurrected One, is one with you and me (and all? following John 1:3). This unity, oneness, passes on not only creation but resurrection and ascension (binding earth and heaven together as per Jesus' Prayer). We are blessed with life, with life renewed, with life eternal.

To extend this to another four-letter word: we are blessed with love, with love renewed (forgiveness), with love eternal (steadfast).

Even though the language goes round and round, the point it makes is pretty straight-forward. A good way to bring the season to a close.

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Here is a visual prayer fragment known as a mandala

The description of this mandala is:

The ellipse signifies an opening – opening into fresh and deeper insight, suspended between heaven and earth.

The sun ['son?] is inserted between the letters reminding us of light, warmth & forgiveness.

'i am' in the lower case, shelters in the strength of the great 'I AM'. The poet e.e.cummings always refers to himself in lower case letters.

The flowing water acts as a mirror reflecting the letters. Jesus says 'I am the Living Water'.

The reflected letters read 'NOW'; 'iam' is Latin for 'now'; more living water reveals 'I VOW'.

You may be interested in the source information that has more about spirituality and stillness and the round of I in them and you in me and ....