Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 Samuel 7:1-16

Advent 4 - Year B

2 Samuel 7:1-16

Pastors today are the equivalent of the king, living in static property while recognizing that the power of G*D resides in movable tents and the poverty of a manger. These two worlds have a most difficult time interacting. Priest does not mingle well with prophet.

G*D seems to have the same temptations to grandeur that we do. Basically G*D says, “Well, yes, I wouldn’t mind having a few comforts after another 6 “days” of work manipulating things for my people and smiting others. A little R&R wouldn’t hurt. Having a pay-off for all this hard work would show those other gods who’s top God.” And so G*D won’t take a “house” from David, but Solomon - that’s a different story. There is no explaining this decision.

Advent is a time to sort through our values: A moving G*D living with the poor and scattering holiness? A settled God expecting folks to come to a holy place? Advent asks us to discern what is behind our questions and to say “No” to the established trappings of success.

I’m still waiting for a creche that will have dung on the floor, holes in Joseph’s sandals, no halos, special magi, shepherds with light-saber crooks, and Mary in wrinkled garb with no eye-liner. This is where a living G*D might visit without getting loaded down with expectations.

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