Monday, December 12, 2011

Luke 1:26-38

Advent 4 - Year B

Luke 1:26-38

A mystery - How did Mary find “favor” with G*D?

A mystery - “Favor” is also yours.

“Favor” here is but another way of saying “Grace”. It is not so much what Mary or you or I have or have not done. Being grace-full is a gift. This gift is available to all and today and brings new life beyond all expectation of life.

When it happens to you (or again to you) I expect you wonder, “How can this happen to such as myself, particularly knowing how far from ideal I have been.” Such is my experience when grace and favor and new beginnings have come my way.

And so we simultaneously shift into two gears - non-attachment and deep-attachment - Here I am; let it be; onward.

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