Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Isaiah 9:2-7

Christmas Eve - Year B

Isaiah 9:2-7

When in darkness - a glimmer is a joy.

A burden is not only personal, but corporate. Whole peoples have been oppressed by an iron hand of the market. Whether a single person or 99% of them, being burdened is a sure sign of inequity and such always falls, soon or late.

While we sometimes get caught thinking we need some wonderful counselor, mighty god, etc. to defeat such a huge system, it is important to be able to see a crack in the juggernaut (the huge nothing - no not the official derivation) that can be dealt with by a child - even a child such as yourself. Each of us is a sign of the times. As we choose justice and trustworthiness, we brighten the light available to see where else we might choose a better way.

May you unwrap the present that is you. May your authority grow continually. May peace expand through your choices.

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