Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Psalm 98

Christmas Day - Year B

Psalm 98

Here is a most marvelous thing: G*D has remembered to steadfastly love and to be faithful.

While these two characteristics are closely aligned and often in parallel with one another, it is important to know that they have significant differences. For instance, there are numerous examples of G*D (and thus creatures) having been steadfast in love while turning a back. Likewise G*D has stood by folks even while cursing them.

In this season of light with Star and Candles and Yule Log we rejoice whenever and wherever we see in others or ourself a remembrance of steadfast love and faithfulnees joined again.

Victory here is not in vindication, but in a new beginning, a resynthesis of steadfast love and faithfulness. May you be a part of such in your particulars.

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