Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Isaiah 52:1 - 53:12

Christmas Day - Year B

Isaiah 52:1 - 53:12

We have been sold for nothing. It seems like we have arrived where we are by the most natural process available. Little by little we have come to today and we can’t figure out how it happened, it must have been nothing, just happenstance, and who can argue with that.

As importantly, the only way out of our present perdicament is as equally mysterious as nothing. On the farthest horizon a whisper of a messenger who seems to be taking such tiny steps in our direction. For the longest time an approach seems so slow. Little by little we catch advance echoes calling us out - “Depart, depart.”

Where we thought we were stuck, we find it was a wraithful illusion. We don’t go out in haste, but one deliberate choice after another choice deliberately made. We have heard, “Depart, depart”.

Though hard to hear, we found trust available. We have seen the courage of others before and around us. We sense a new wisdom rising in the next generation. Between these we are encouraged to think a new thought, even though threatened.

All that is said about a suffering servant could be said about you and me.

For now we simply focus on knowing this current situation cannot be defined as normative. We are called to, “Depart, depart.” No more retribution. Rather, the blessed will lead others to their own blessedness. May you so lead and light a new way.

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