Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Psalm 96

Christmas Eve - Year B

Psalm 96

In honor of “Peace on Earth, goodwill to all” - - - -

Sing to your N**ghb*r a new song;
  sing to your N**ghb*r where’er they be.
Sing to your N**ghb*r, bless them;
  tell of their wholeness available this day.
Declare their worth among the human family,
   their good works to others.
Great is your N**ghb*r, and greatly to be praised;
they are to be revered.
For discrimination among people is an idol,
but N**ghb*rs are part of paradise.
Honor and worthiness are in your N**ghb*r;
strength and beauty reveal their security.
Bravo for your N**ghb*rs, they are family,
   Huzzah for your N**ghb*r’s presence and joy.
Hooray for your N**ghb*r filled with glory;
   share with them, listen to them.
Be in awe of your N**ghb*r;
   rejoice with them in this time and space.
Say aloud, “My N**ghb*r, my friend! Our relationship is firmly established;
   we support and correct one another in equity.”
Let the air be glad and the earth rejoice;
   let the sea shout, and all that fills it.
let animals of the field exult.
   In sign of all this the trees of the forest will sing for N**ghb*rs.
N**ghb*rs are gathering, gathering for discerning action.
   N**ghb*rs act with dignity to one another - G*D smiles.

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