Thursday, December 15, 2011

Romans 16:25-27

Advent 4 - Year B

Romans 16:25-27

A mystery known as Jesus is now revealed for purposes of “Obedient trust” - a fine example of an oxymoron (from the Greek for “pointedly foolish”) and such a small end.

Advent is a participation in a mystery at one and the same time already accomplished and just over the horizon. Our work is to find applications of prophecy applied to our present circumstance. These are not altogether clear or they wouldn’t be prophecies, but common sense. We are to be playing loyal oppositionist to our own proclivities as well as a status quo which extends privileges to the already privileged, in perpetuity.

Advent pays less attention to special cases, such as a manger scene, and more to the usual cases wherein we find ourselves distanced from ourselves and one another while pretending glad tidings and great joy - obedient but not trusting.

Advent moves us away from mundane obedience and toward the glory of trust. However this requires that we remember to keep focused on what has yet to be disclosed - and this is very difficult as we keep trying to figure out how to make obedience redound to our benefit and still remain open to our being a part of the revealed rather than it simply being an extension of ourself.

Advent gives us something worthwhile to chew on while living out a trust beyond our singularity.

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