Friday, December 16, 2011

6 Months

Advent 4 - Year B

6 Months

six months into someone else’s story
we find we have our own to tell

of course we thought they were favored
and now we can’t avoid our own

when we stop to think with favoring comes fear
who needs a voluntary earthly hell

what this means for me and mine
is all too well known

Joe is at risk and who ever heard of a boy
named Jesus in our family

fertile fantasies re-appreciate barrenness
especially with being overpowered

spirit rape is no better than any other kind
to sanitize it is simply silly

this needs to be faced along with Tamar and Bathsheba
such a conception is hard when conceived

yes favored fear is all too real
our soul shakes

large promises are no less real
we bake 32 birthday cakes

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