Friday, May 15, 2015

a scent of something remembered

Year B - Ascension or Our Turn to Witness
May 14, 2015

a scent of something remembered

book 1
its all true
everyone's hopes
all down the line
are focused in my life
even if they never foresaw me
what I have done goes beyond imagining
and now you are witnesses
waiting for a moment
to act powerfully
blessings to you
so long

book 2
where did 40 days go so quickly
who was taking notes
well would you have
only one question was asked
and not answered
so why takes notes
in a cloud of promises of power
and future witnessing
after certification
off he goes Elijah style
stupefying would be Elishas
forgetting they were the return
already returned and at work
wearing an invisible mantle

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